The Paradox Of Creation


How did Creation occur? We have all heard about The Big Bang and many scientists say it came out of nothing without the intervention of a divine being. At the same time there is intelligent design behind it all. How can that be? How can The Universe come from nothing and at the same time involve a divine being - an intelligent entity? Science sticks to no divine creator, but religions across the world beg to differ. They claim God, an intelligent entity, created the world. Who is right? Both are right.

No Thing turning into Some Thing - The Cosmic Mind expressing its potential

Science is correct since The Universe came from nothing, but it is not their definition of nothing. Nothing in the context means No Thing - a potential - not a thing yet. The Universe was un-manifest prior to the Big Bang - No Thing turned into Some Thing when the Big Bang occurred. Abstract becoming concrete, and in order for this to happen there must be intelligent design behind The existence of The Universe - a Creator - a God. God is realizing His potential by creating a space-time construct - a doing/creating environment in order to manifest the un-manifested.

If God did not exist it would be necessary to invent him. But all nature cries aloud that he does exist; that there is a supreme intelligence, an immense power, an admirable order, and everything teaches us our own dependence on it.
Voltaire (François-Marie-rouet)

The whole creation-process is actually a Paradox as explained in detail using logic in the book The Paradox of Creation - Wake Up You Are God in Disguise

The truth is a like a movie being shown to us frame by frame and now a new frame is emerging. A frame showing us how everything is actually a Paradox. Why?

Because All is Mind and this Mind is conscious. And consciousness created this space-time construct we call The Universe in order to be consious. It facilitated itself since it needs space and time to be conscious. This is explained in detail in The Paradox book.

The Mind is both infinite and finite

The Mind is both infinite and finite, both asleep and awake, both unaware and aware, both unconscious and conscious at the same time from the same perspective and that is impossible. It is impossible when we use logic since logic alone will never explain how it all came into being. Our existence is bigger than logic - it is also magic and the magic begins where logic ends. Logic is a tool to explain the finite world - our space-time construct. It can´t be used to explain anything beyond the Big Bang and that is why scientists will never figure out how this Unvierse really came about. As human beings we are slaves to logic.

There is only One Cosmic Mind and this Mind is experience itself through you and me and everyone else. We are points of consciousness representing this One Mind. As such we are actually God in Disguise since we are hiding from ourselves - God is hiding from Himself/Herself/itself. We are here to express, create, produce and to do in order to be. The ultimate goal is Love. In order to be love we must experience its opposite - fear. So we live in this polarity 3D world to go through all the e-motions from fear to love - from pain to pleasure and when we wake up and realize we are all one we can move on and the pain stops.

Look at the word pain. It´s a code in the English language like many other words. Many of them are listed in The Paradox book


We pay in here in life time after life time until we get it - until we to realize what love is. We realize we have been hurting ourselves since there is only one of us here. The Pain stops and we move on to a new reality where we don´t have to Pay In anymore. We Pay In here so we don´t have to Pay In "there" - the next level of the cycle we move along. What many call Heaven on Earth - or Atlantis - or The Golden Age as the ancient scriptures talk about.

This page contains just a fraction of information from my The Paradox book

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