The Inner World

Is the inner world - the real world?
Can we dictate our outer world with what we think?

The way we feel within our bodies affects not only us, but the world beyond. This relationship between our inner and outer experience appears to be the reason some forms of prayer empower us as they do.

Do we then have a souls that speaks to us from within acting as the link between the inner world and the outer world? is the inner world the spirit world - the world where all creation tarted?

Are we all particles of God and is the inner voice God talking?

Braden refers to the original Aramaic texts when looking at our relationship with our Heavenly Father. The text goes like this:

"Radiant One: You shine within us, outside us - even darkness shines - when we remember".

This suggest that the Creator is not separate or distant, but rather within us.

The inner world is a world where we are one with the Creator.

In order to believe this - one also needs to acknowledge that there is a higher power - a power greater than us - a power that created it all. That the universe and everything in it did not just happen.

All religions believe in a higher power and in the last decade people are becoming more spiritual than ever. There is a spiritual awakening going on. Many people believe in an afterlife, in reincarnation, in the Power that created it all - they believe in the inner world.

This Power - this higher intelligence - has many names. Some people refer to it as "The One" or "The Source", The Force", "The Absolute" or "The Great One" or "The Creator" , "The Supreme Power", "The higher Intelligence" or "The Supreme Mind" or "The Force" or "The Supreme Good" or "The Father" or "The Universal Mother" or God....

Did this Power create all that we know?

According to the book A course in Miracles creation started when God extended himself to His creations and imbued them with the same loving Will to create. The book goes on to say:

You have not only been fully created, but have also been created perfect.There is no emptiness in you. Because of your likeness to your Creator you are creative. No child of God can lose this ability because it is inherent in what he is, but he can use it inappropriately by projecting. The inappropriate use of extension or projection occurs when you believe that some emptiness or lack exists in you and that you can fill it with your own ideas instead of truth. This process involves the following steps

First, you believe that what is perfect can be changed by your own mind. Second you believe that what is perfect can be rendered imperfect or lacking. Third you believe that you can distort the creations of God, including yourself. Fourth you believe that you can create yourself and that the direction of your own creation is up to you.

The sentence "because of your likeness to Your Creator you are creative" suggest that we all have the ability to create. To Quote Bob Proctor: "We are here to create".

Dr.Braun: the universe did not happen by chance

Dr. Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun (March 23, 1912 - June 16, 1977) was one of the leading figures in the development of rocket technology in Germany and the United States

Wernher von Braun is sometimes said to be the preeminent rocket engineer of the 20th century.

He believes that our universe did not happen by chance.

Concerning the teaching of evolution in public schools, Wernher von Braun said:

To be forced to believe only one conclusion - that everything in the universe happened by chance - would violate the very objectivity of science itself. Certainly there are those who argue that the universe evolved out of random process, but what random process could produce the brain of a man or the system of the human eye? Some say that science has been unable to prove the existence of a Designer... They challenge science to prove the existence of God. But, must we really light a candle to see the sun?

If in fact there is a Designer - a God - an intelligent source of it all - are we then part of this source and hence co-creating the very universe we live in? Do we have a inner world making up our outside world?

Are we creating the universe as we go along?

In his book "The Devine Matrix" Gregg Braden talks about us being creators of the universe:

A growing body of research suggests that we«re more than cosmic latecomers simply passing through a universe that was completed long ago. Experimental evidence is leading to a conclusion that we«re actually creating the universe as we go and adding to what already exists! In other words, we appear to be the very energy that«s forming the cosmos, as well as the being who experience what we«re creating. That«s because we are consciousness,and consciousness appears to be the same "stuff" from which the universe is made.

In a series of 7 short videos Gregg Braden talks about how the world within - our emotions, feelings and thoughts - is one with the universe. This is the first video in this series:

Quantum Physics tells us that everything vibrates - everything is energy and our thoughts are comic waves with potent energy. Hence it would make sense that we are ONE ENERGY - we are all part of a sea filled with energy. Our thoughts then matter since we are part of a universal consciousness and by thinking and feeling we are sending out cosmic waves that contributes to create the universe as we go along. Scientists tell us that the universe is expanding rapidly and no-one can understand why. However if we are part of the creation with our thoughts and feelings in our inner world as Braden and others suggest it all starts to make sense.

Are we all ONE MIND?

If consciousness appears to be the same "stuff" from which the universe is made and we are all are consciousness then we are particles of one mind - one universal mind.

A Course in Miracles also refers to us being part of One Mind.

You think with the Mind of God. Therefore you share your thoughts with Him, as He shares His with you. They are the same thoughts, because they are thoughts be the same Mind.To share is to make alike, or to make one. Nor do the thoughts you think with the Mind of God leave your mind, because thoughts do not leave their source. Therefore your thoughts are in the Mind of God as you are.

Under all the senseless thoughts and mad ideas with which you have cluttered up your mind are the thoughts that you thought with God in the beginning.

They are there in your mind ,now, completely unchanged.

It seems Religion and Science are approaching each other. From a scientific view point like Mr. Bradens we see experimental evidence that we are part of One Mind - One Energy - a universal consciousness.

AND from a religious viewpoint we are told that we are particles of God.

The more research our Quantum Physicists are doing into this field the more they realize that there is a power greater than us - a universal power - a power of pure energy - of pure consciousness.

Is this the power people of different religions refer to as God?

If so God (or whatever name people like to call this power) exists.

Atheists and skeptics would argue that the research done by quantum physics can«t really be proven. It is all on a theoretical level. Braden and Quantum physicist on the other hand refers to Experimental evidence leading to a conclusion that we all are actually co-creators of the universe and hence part of a universal consciousness - and that there is an inner world which creates the outer world.

Also more and more people are having a spiritual awakening and experience things that can«t be explained by our current frame of knowledge - i.e from the perspective of our 5 senses. People report experiences suggesting that there is a higher power - a universal mind behind it all - a power that we all are part of - a power in the inner world.

Jose Silva did extensive research into the field of our brainwaves and how we can train our selves to get in contact with our subconscious level - reaching our inner self and hence become more aligned with this universal power - this universal mind. Through meditation we can reach the Higher self and hence be one with the universe.

The World Within

Dalai Lama mediates up to 16 hours a day. He goes into his inner world and find peace and harmony. By calming the mind, relaxing and taking deep breaths you can also get into harmony with your inner world. Just 20-30 minutes of meditation every morning and every night will make a big difference. Meditation will allow you to get more in touch with the inner world and the source.

According to A course in Miracles you always have the Source within you - wherever you go - in the inner world.

Deep within you - is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world. It will cure all sorrow and pain and fear and loss because it will heal the mind that thought these things ere real, and suffered out of its allegiance to them. You can never suffer because the Source of all you goes with you wherever you go. You can never be alone because the Source of all life goes with you wherever you go. We understand that you do not believe all this . How could you, when the truth is hidden deep within, under a heavy cloud of insane thoughts, dense and obscuring, yet representing all you see.

In order to see you must recognize that light is within, not without. You do not see outside yourself, nor is the equipment for seeing outside you. An essential part of this equipment is the light that makes seeing possible. It is with you always, making vision possible in every circumstance.

What is this source within - this light within. For Helen Schuman - one of the authors of A Course in Miracles - the power revealed itself to her as "The Voice"

Helen Schuman and "The Voice" inside

Helen Schuman who wrote the book A course in Miracles together with William Thetford (prof.of Medical Psychology at Colombia University«s college of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City) talks about getting in touch with "The Voice" inside her.

The book is a powerful and rich book in many ways and the creation of the book began with the sudden decision of two people to join in a common goal:

Neither Helen Schuman not William Thetford were very religious or believed in anything like a universal mind or a universal energy which we are all part of when they first started writing this book.

In the preface of the book Helen describes herself: Psychologist, educator, conservative in theory and atheistic in belief I was working in a prestigious and highly academic setting.

She describes how she came into contact with "the Voice" in her inner world.

Three startling months preceded the actual writing during which time Bill (William T) suggested that I write down the highly symbolic dreams and descriptions of the images that were coming to me. Although I had grown more accustomed to the unexpected by that time, I was still very surprised when I wrote " This is a course in Miracles". That was my introduction to the Voice. It made no sound , but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid, inner dictation which I took down in a shorthand notebook. The writing was never automatic. It could be interrupted at any time and later picked up again. It made me very uncomfortable, but it never seriously occurred to me to stop. It seemed to be a special assignment I had somehow, somewhere agreed to complete. It represented a truly collaborative venture between Bill and myself, and much of its significance , I am sure, lies in that. I would take down what the Voice "said" and read it to him the next day, and he typed it from my dictation. I expect he had his special assignment too.

She goes on to say that the whole process took about 7 years. The whole process meaning that it is a text (the book), the workbook for Students and finally the Manual for teachers.

Schuman says: some of the ideas the workbook represent the reader will find hard to believe and others may seem to be quite startling. This does not matter - We are merely asked to apply the ideas as we are directed to do. We are not asked to judge them at all. We are asked only to use them. It is their use that will give them meaning to you and will show that they are true.

Why are we here?

The book also talks about why we are all here - our purpose:

Your function here is to be the light of the world, a function given to you by God. It is only the arrogance of the ego that leads you to question this, and only the fear of the ego that induces you to regards yourself as unworthy of the task assigned to you be God Himself.

If we are to be the light of the world - if we are to make this a better world - first for ourselves - and then for everyone we get in contact with - we need to look inside - into the inner world.

AND in order to reach a true understanding of how the inner world and the universe works we need to understand the laws of the universe.

There are many laws governing this universe and everything in it. By understanding these laws we will find inner peace and realize the power that lies inside us all - in the inner world.

We will, as Anthony Robbins would put it: Awaken The Giant Within

This Giant is part of the inner world and the inner world is creating the outside world as we know it.

The Power is Within

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