The Law of Attraction

Using the The Law of Attraction (LofA) Helen Hadsell has won every contest she entered.

She has won every contest

What if I told you that there is a woman in this world who has won every contest she ever entered. Would you believe me?

Helen Hadsell did. By 1982 she had won over 5,000 prizes, including washing machines, televisions, out-board motors, Hammond organs and many other appliances. Over 5 trips to Europe for herself and her entire family.

Her biggest prize involved winning a luxury home from Formica Inc., after being the one contestant chosen out of 2.5 million entries.

She has won so many prizes that she even started giving them away.

Incredible winning streaks

She is literary manifesting money or cash prizes because she attract abundance into her life. She is an unstoppable force. She has developed her Extra Sensory Perception to make herself a winning machine. Many years ago she did a mindshift thanks to her friend Jose Silva and discovered the power of programming herself to win while being in the alpha brainwave level state.

Her name is Helen Hadsell and she is a remarkable woman. This 83 Year-Old (2009) "Winning Sage" finally comes out of retirement to unveil what she is doing to win all these prizes

She is using a 4 step Secret to win every contest she enters.

Throughout her life she says she has won every contest she has entered into and she says it is all because of using the Law of Attraction. She expect astonishing winnings by using a 4-letter Secret

She uses what she calls SPEC:

SELECT what you want
PROJECT it (see it, feel it)
EXPECT it (expect you have already gotten it)

Helen Hadsell method is saying: Focus on what you want - then send out the vibrational frequency for what you want using your feelings and emotions and then you have to expect to get it - just like you do when you order something from an online store.

Helen programmed her mind to comply with SPEC. She changed her thought pattern. She changed her blueprint.

Jose Silva and The Silva Method

Helen Hadsell has practiced the SPEC method for many, many years - all the way back since 1966 when she started to work with Jose Silva

She worked with Mr.Silva when he started up The Silva Method which found its way to the public eye in 1966. Silva spent over 20 years studying great minds and researching the human condition. At first his studies led him to the study of Psychology which led him to hypnosis and finally to meditation. As a result of this unexpected turn of events, he began to research metaphysics. Eventually, Silva developed his Silva Method that could teach anyone how to develop their own intuition.

Helen Hadsel way of using SPEC is a result of working with Jose Silva and practicing his method. In an interview she said this:

We have to be aware of our thoughts - so my task is to be one with my soul, my inner self and thus the Source and can only be that by knowing that every thought I think makes an impact in this universe. It is a ripple in this ocean of energy.

With The LofA anything is possible, but you need to be in the correct vibrational state.

If you for instance start worrying about your money situation you will only attract more of that situation.


Because when you worry about something you are actually doing two things:

1. You are thinking about it and

2. You are putting emotions and feelings into it.

AND that is the formula for attracting what you want. Like attracts like. Whatever you think about, good or bad , you attract into your life. It is a governing universal law.

Les Brown is one of the worlds leading motivational speakers and has been featured in several great movies.

His life is a true testament to the power of positive thinking and the infinite human potential. His story shows that what you think about comes into your life - you attract it.

Les Brown has shown to the whole world that using the Law of Attraction gives extraordinary results. When you keep thinking about and wanting your dream to come true - it will.

The universe - The Divine Operation - is always for expansion and fuller expression and it wants to express itself through us. Hence, that desire, that urge inside you to reach our goals and dreams is the Divine trying to express itself through you. Hence, we must never give up our dreams. "

Never, never, never give up - Winston Churchill" you pursue your dreams.

Les Brown is a perfect example in this regard. Watch this video where he is talking about how he managed to get on the Robert Schuller Program by being persistence.

How is it possible to attract what we want just by thinking about it

To understand this it is important to understand that everything in the universe is made up of energy. Science has shown that everything vibrates. It is governed by The Law of Vibration and this is the foundation for the Law of Attraction. Read more about the Law of Vibration and how it sets up The Law of Attraction.

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