Life After Life

Is there a life after death?
What actually happens when we die? Are we gone forever or do we go to a beautiful, peaceful place many call heaven or do we get reborn to go through yet another lifetime on this planet?

Is energy always flowing and do we as a result just transform to another energy form on another level regardless of religion or belief? If we are all Energy and energy never dies - then it seems logically that this energy just changes form and shape.

In his book A Happy Pocket Full of Money David Cameron describes how the universe and everything we know came to be. He also talks about the cycle of life:

The Original Source that some people refer to as God was all that there was; there was nothing else. Now that presented a problem.

This Infinite Being knew itself to be all powerful and infinite, but without something to compare itself against, so to speak, there was no way of experiencing that infinity and power. It lived in a realm of absolute, where comparison, and therefore experience, is impossible, for you need something to experience against for experience to occur. So It possessed Knowing, but needed Experience to complete Being.

The solution was therefore to individuate Itself into seemingly separate life-forms so that each of these life forms could experience itself in relation to the others. Hence the world of relativity and experience was born out of that desire to Know Itself.

When people say 'God is everywhere', that statement has more literal meaning than they imagine. Literally, everything is an extension of that Original Force, an expression of an aspect of It All. It creates by extending Itself, ensuring that all creation is in the image and likeness of Itself. And this is where the universal laws come in.

Now you see that the primary purpose of creation was for Life to experience Itself, for You to experience Yourself. If you watch the cycle of creation closely, you will notice that it follows this birth-life-death cycle: From the unified non-physical, to the individuated non-physical, to the individuated physical, to the individuated non-physical,to the unified non-physical.

Through this process, a Being comes to know Itself by materializing knowingness (thought), then experiencing that thought and its effect, then testing,choosing and converting that knowing from experience into being. For example, if you have never experienced happiness and I told you that being happy feels great, you would know in your mind what I mean, conceptually, but you wouldn't really complete that knowledge without first experiencing happiness and becoming happy.

The Creator had to ensure that this cycle completes itself automatically and serves each purpose, without ever making a mistake. In other words, the laws (meaning universal laws) were built to (1) glue the system together through all those transitions and (2) ensure that the knowing-experiencing-being system of evolution,growth and learning works perfectly with predictable results so that all Its Children of all forms may get to grow and Know Themselves as extensions of the Original without fail,no matter how long it took, and to do so within a system of free will.

If this cycle of creation is the real deal we are all reborn -reincarnated so we can gain experience after experience. Either on earth or somewhere else in this universe. In other words we are here to develop our souls - the individuated non-physical being.

Journey of Souls

Dr. Michael Newton has done extensive research on the topic of re-incarnation and in his great book Journey of Souls he share with us his research about past lives and reincarnation. More about reincarnation and Michael Newton here.

If this birth-life-death cycle exists as David Cameron says, then it would mean that our human bodies cease to exist, but the soul or energy within us never dies. It is merely transformed to a individuated non-physical being which then again joins the unified non-physical.

The unified non-physical is often being referred to as The All -The Everything - The Source - The Unified field - The universal Mind - The Universal Consciousness or God.

If everyone on Earth is here to learn more - to experience more and to develop this knowing-experiencing-being system of evolution,growth and learning why are then so many humans selfish and egocentric?

Why are we creating wars, killing people, torturing people, experiencing crimes and suffering by the millions worldwide? why is that?

The answer might be that the ego in us has taken over. We are all born with free will.

According to Michael Newton and his research we learn that the soul enter into the human body just before birth and becomes a part of that human being.

The EGO and the mask self

In her book "Light Emerging" - Barbara Ann Brennan talks about our connection to the "other world" - the spirit world much like Dr.Newton and his research. She talks about the ego and the creation of the mask self:

When we are born, we are still very connected to great spiritual wisdom and power through our core. This connection to our core and therefore to spiritual wisdom and power gives the feeling of complete safety and wonder. During the maturation process, this connection fades. It is replaced by parental voices intended to protect us and make us safe. They speak of right and wrong, of good and bad, how to make decisions, and how to act or react in any given situation. As the connection to the core fades, our child psyche tries desperately to replace the original innate wisdom with a functioning ego. Unfortunately, the overlay or internalized parental voices can never really do the job. Instead, what is produced is a mask self.

This ego she talks about is within all of us - an ego that only wants to survive. If this ego is allowed to blend the soul and be totally "in charge" the soul will not develop.

Brennan goes on to say: The mask never succeeds in producing the internal feeling of safety for which we strive. In fact, it produces the internal feeling of an impostor because we are trying to prove we are good, and we aren't good all the time....

From the perspective of our mask, pain and anger exist only outside the personality. We don't take any responsibility. Anything negative that happens must be somebody else's fault. We blame them.

So the human body contains both the ego and the soul - hence these 3 "parts" make up what is YOU.

Human body + ego + soul = YOU

In the knowing-experiencing-being system of evolution, growth and learning the soul needs to develop to get closer to the original source: The All - The Everything - The Source - The Unified field - The universal Mind - The Universal Consciousness - God.

According to the book A course in Miracles the ego in us wants to stay separated from that development and do not want to be part of the source or God.

So, in order for the soul in us to develop we need to remove the ego that we all carry with us. Remove hate, remove jealousy, remove envy, remove anger, bitterness and so on. Start to forgive as many great people and souls have done in the past - Indira Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Jesus etc. They had great soul development. They removed their ego.

Let go of the Ego

In the book The Art of Happiness by Howard C Cutlers - Dalai Lama describes how we can deal with hatred and anger in order to be a better and more happy person. If in a certain situation someone has made you really angry and this feeling of anger and sometimes hate comes to surface whenever you think of that episode how are we to react? How can we let go of this ego feeling of anger?

Dalai Lama say: If you look at it from a different angel that person will for sure also have positive and good sides. When we are mad at someone we tend to only associate that person with negative qualities, while in fact there is something good in us all.

Dalai Lama goes on to say: When you fall in love with someone you tend to only see the positive sides of that person, but if your loved one hurt you with purpose you would suddenly realize that the person did not have only positive qualities. If your enemy - the one you hate - would sincerely ask for your forgiveness and start treating you with kindness and respect you would probably not see him as pure evil or bad.

All of us have positive and good qualities. People you dislike or feel bad about today have good qualities - we just need to look hard enough and we will find them.Hence let go of the ego and all the negative feelings associated with the ego and your soul will develop and advance on its journey back to the Source.

YOU - ego = soul development

This would mean that a human body with a soul and no ego would ensure soul development.


Human body + soul = soul development

Leave out the ego to advance as a soul and become a better you

A better YOU and ME would also serve the rest of the world and the entire universe since positive energies and thoughts would radiate out from us all the time.

A better YOU and ME creates ripples and make a difference in this world

We would be able to stop wars and crimes and suffering since people would stop their selfish behavior and hence shift their vibrational state to the benefit for all.

Life and death

Some religions believe we only live on this planet once and after one lifetime we will be judged and either sent to heaven or to hell based on how we acted and behaved as human beings during our lifetime.

Other religions believe we reincarnate and that karma plays a vital role. If you are a bad person in this life you will suffer the consequences in the next life.

The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma is a universal law. Often also referred to as the Law of Cause and Effect. It states that Every action or thought has an effect or consequence. The nature of that effect depends upon the nature of the cause. If the cause is "good", the effect will be "good". If the cause comes from negative thoughts or evil, the results will be equally negative or evil. We reap what we sow.

It is like a boomerang. If you throw out a boomerang with negative thoughts and actions it will catch up with you and make you experience similar negative actions - either in this lifetime or the next life.

Sal Rachele is a pioneer in the human potential field. He graduated from Silva Mind Control in 1976 and was the founder and director of Alpha-Theta Seminars in the late 1970s. He studied rebirthing (conscious breathing), meditation, the healing arts and sacred theatre during the 80's and 90's.

He talks about Karma and Free will and how it all works

The subject of free will is greatly misunderstood. The soul lesson called "karma" can be a long, slow and painful one, or it can be learned and dispelled quickly by forgiving and letting go of the past and embracing the present. This can only be done with astute self-observation and a willingness to understand deeply all the traps and detours of the ego. The more aware we become, the faster we vibrate and the higher we go on the dimensional scale.

Free will has its limitations. Within a given level (density/dimension), there is a certain amount of free choice. When we choose to enter a particular density or dimension, we also agree to abide by the laws of that density or dimension, unless we have mastered them and come solely to guide others into higher realms, and even then we are still somewhat under the laws of that realm.

Sal Rachele continues

There is a certain amount of pre-destiny inherent in the Divine Plan. Eventually, all of us will ascend into higher realms. We have within our DNA the blueprint for ascension. Because of free will, we can delay the perfect unfoldment of that DNA blueprint. In a temporary sense, we can override it with negative beliefs and stuck emotions. In actuality, if we let go of our judgments, guilt, fear and constant worry and strife, the program unfolds more easily. Let it go and let it flow -- and it DOES just magically happen. But the paradox is, we must work hard to unlearn all the lies and distortions we have been taught for millennia that says the path to enlightenment is a struggle.

So, the more we let certain incidents or situations trigger us emotionally we still have not learned the lesson. A situation causing you to for instance feel angry is just another way of saying : You have not learned your lesson yet and hence this and similar situation will keep coming into your life until you no longer will react with anger.

Rachele says: When we look at the world it often appears that spiritual principles do not apply here. It seems that the most aggressive, ruthless and uncaring people are the ones that get the 'goodies', but that's only because they are more focused on getting material things because they believe that is where salvation lies. If your priority is Spirit then you will discover the treasure deep within your heart (your God Presence). This experience will be worth so much more than any trinkets of this world.

The law of karma, or cause and effect, is a fourth-dimensional principle. That means it operates in the first, second, third and fourth dimensions, but not the higher ones. The common perception of karma involves the idea that what goes around comes around. This is partly true, but only if one is stuck in the lower four dimensions. Once we fully understand our actions, behaviors, thoughts, feelings and perceptions, we can then use our free will to consciously create a different path of karma. By aligning our heart, mind and body, we make decisions with our whole being, thereby avoiding what is called "residual karma." The idea of residual karma involves incomplete decisions, or decisions that leave a lot of unfinished business. If we come to closure with our relationships, and keep our agreements, we do not create additional karma. When we forgive ourselves, we actually erase karma.

The law of karma are saying we are being reborn and come back to learn different lesson in our individual evolution.

But where do we go in-between these karmas or do they occur at the same time since time do not really exist?

Science is now showing that everything in this universe vibrates and is made up of energy but at different vibrational frequency. You, me, everything in our lives vibrates and is energy. Science is also showing that we might live in a multiverse - not a universe. If everything is energy and if our energy does not die, but simply transform to another form what happens when our human bodies die?

Do we go to another universe or to another dimension?

Near death experiences and research on past lives through regression analysis indicates that the new, transformed energy is intelligent and that we meet our loved ones who has past away before us. In the last decade we have seen more and more TV shows, books and movies about the afterlife and about people being able to communicate with"the other side".

The English medium Lisa Williams and others mediums have been featured with their own TV shows where they help people getting in contact with their loved ones on "the other side". Some people discard this as manipulative TV shows to draw TV crowds, but others say this is for real. Many people being skeptical to a life after life change their views completely after having met these mediums and experienced a contact with their loved once on the other side.

The research from Michael Newton and Barbara Ann Brennan and many like them indicate that there is Life after Life. However, there are so many things we can't explain using our 5 senses and there will always be people who do not believe anything until they see it with their own eyes or experience it.

There is however a spiritual awakening going on all over the world. This is a result of people waking up. People are raising their level of awareness about life and our existence. More people are deciding to keep an open mind and thus opening themselves up to the forces of the universe and life itself.

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