Life is....

How do you choose to see your Life?
Is it good, is it an adventure, is it a challenge... We all have different ways of looking at your lives.

In the book by Esther & Jerry Hicks - Ask and it is Given - as well as in Michael Newtons book Journey of Souls we learn that Earth is a great place to be because we can develop as souls - we have chosen different experiences in order to learn from them - and we are here to create and feel good.

From Ask and it is Given: The foundation for living is freedom and the result of living is development, but the purpose of living is joy.

What is your view on Life?

The way you view how you live will have a profound impact on how it will be and what you will experience. If you feel that life is a struggle you will attract and experience struggle.


Because - if you are vibrating out feelings of struggle (Law of Vibration) that is what you will attract - like attracts like (Law of Attraction)

As such we should be careful about how we view our lives and what we say. Some people say that living is harsh or that it is rough or hard, but just by changing the words to It is beautiful or it is joy you will be shifting your vibrational state and hence gain another experience.

There are many ways on how to view our lives. Share with us your view and also see the result of what other people say by joining the poll below:

Life is....
How do you view your life?

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