Great Free Program from The Silva Method

The founder, Jose Silva, did extensive research on brainwaves. He showed through his studies that when your brain is in alpha wave level you are actually able to reprogram yourself. He showed that it is possible to enter into the alpha level without falling asleep.

He found out that you can train yourself to stay conscious at the same time as you connect to the subconscious.

His work has influenced many world-renowned writers, doctors, Olympian sportsmen and success coaches.

All together the program has more than 6,500,000 Grateful Users.

Mind science research has suggested that the key to most of the things we want in life, whether it’s abundance, career success, health, happiness or enlightenment, lies in a particular state of mind. Scientists call this the Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies. We attain these states of mind during deep sleep. The question is… how do you achieve this state of mind during waking consciousness? And more importantly, how do you use it to overcome your limitations and challenges, triumph over your unwanted habits and negative thought patterns, and enrich certain aspects of your life?

Jose began his journey as a humble radio repairman in Laredo, Texas, and later as an electronics instructor with the United States Army Signal Corps. Despite his career in electronics, Silva had a keen interest in hypnosis and the workings of the human mind. He spent his days working at his job and his nights studying the work of thought leaders like Freud, Jung and Adler. The turning point that rocketed Silva towards his breakthroughs was a simple question. Through his professional knowledge, Jose already knew that reducing the resistance in an electrical wire allowed more electricity to flow through it (known as Ohm’s law). Using this theory as an anchor, he then wondered…

What would happen if you could reduce the resistance in the human brain?

Would doing this cause it to be more efficient at absorbing information, and perhaps even grant it access to reservoirs of previously hidden creativity and intuition? Driven by this theory, Jose began a thorough process of research and experimentation, starting with his own children. By training them to function at brain frequency levels known as Alpha and Theta—levels of deep relaxation that most people experience while meditating or in light sleep—he was able to significantly improve their grades at school, and even found evidence of enhanced intuitive functioning within them.

He was able to find the answer to Why Do Some People Stumble And Fall, While Others Have It All. It has to do with consciously guide yourself to the Alpha and Theta level of mind

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