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How to time travel How to time travel. Is it possible - Yes according to David Wilcock

Is this universe one big sea of energy - are we all connected?
Who are we? where do we come from? why are we here? Where are we going? Is there one universal mind? Is everything in the universe made up of energy?

Is everything energy?
Is everything in this universe just pure energy

Good Books
A list of very good books controbuting to the making of One Mind One Energy

Free Stuff
Free stuff from One Mind One Energy

You can JUST BREAK FREE from anything you WANT
You can Just Break Free

Get access to the FREE SGR package
Free SGR package with online course, teleseminar and interview

Free e-books
3 great free e-books from 3 great authors

Resources used to create One Mind One Energy

A good movie is spread - here is a great list of inspiring movies and DVDs

Beyond The Secret
A new movie going Beyond the Secret - the secrets behind The Secret

The mysterious universe
Is the mysterious universe one sea of energy with its stars, planets and ourselves in it?

The Big Bang
What caused the Big Bang? Were we all entangled at the time of the explosion?

Are we all connected?
Are we all connected in this universe?

Near Death Experience
More and more people have had near death experience

Is reincarnation for real, are we all reincarnated, is the soul reborn?

20 universal laws
an extract about the 20 universal laws, about karma, reincarnation, laws of attraction, vibrations and more

The Law of Vibration
The Law of Vibration shows us that everything vibrates - everything is energy

Is our universe part of a multiverse?

Brainwaves - Jose Silva and getting into alpha level

The Silva Method
Free lessons from the Silva Method

The enormous universe
The enormous universe - how big is it?

Universal Laws
There are universal laws governing everything in the universe

7 universal laws
The 7 universal laws explained according to the Kybalion

The 11 Forgotten Laws
The 11 Forgotten Laws of the universe

Free Tele-seminar
Free teleseminar with Bob Proctor and Alex Madossian

The 11 Forgotten Laws | Teleseminar
Discover The 11 Forgotten Laws That Make the Law of Attraction and the Secret and Unstoppable Force

Law of Attraction
This site describes the law of attraction and the other laws of the universe

12 universal laws
the 12 universal laws according to Milanovich and McCune

Inner World
Does the inner world dictate the outer world?

What is kabbalah?

Dreams - what are they trying to tell us?

The Power of Thought
The power of thought

How affirmations can change your life

Louis Hay and affirmations
Free affirmation article from Louis Hay


The Divine
The Divine Operation from Thomas Troward

You are unique
You are a unique musical instrument in the universal orhcestra

make a ripple - make a difference
You can make a ripple and make a difference in this world

Make A Ripple - Make A Difference
Make A Ripple - Make A Difference

About One Mind One Energy and the founder Camillo Loken

Anyone can be unstoppable if they have a purpose and a passion

Does biocommunication show that plant cells react to our thoughts?

The ABC of Success
ABC of Success

Guardian Angels
Do we all have Guardian Angels?

Life After Life
Do we have a life after this life or do we die forever?

Life is
Life is beautiful, good, perfect ... - how do you view your life?

What is wealthy? is having a lot of money being wealthy?

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Vision Board
How to manifest with vision board

Meditate with The Meditation Program
Meditate with The Meditation Program