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My tweets are focusing on ways to express inspiration, motivation and hope for everyone. I quote successful people and people providing insight to the power of our potential.I also offer free stuff.

The Power we all have within.

If you are new to Twitter here are some Twitter info which might be of help

How to Twitter

Some of the most used Twitter functions


"RT" or "retweeting" is simply taking a twitter post from someone else and forwarding (rebroadcasting) it to your followers. Here are a few common ways to retweet a message (all do the same thing):

RT @originalsender: original message -

for instance RT @1mind1energy You are unique and your potential is unlimited. Tap into it with passion, persistence and action

Retweeting can be a great way to add followers, as it pushes your @username into foreign social graphs, which in turn results in clicks back to your profile. Make sure to track your retweets using retweetist.


When you are using the @ sign in front of a twitter usename like mind1energy you are replying to that user. They will receive that message in their reply tab on the profile and the reply is also public - anyone can see it

In addition to RT, public updates and @replies, Twitter offers the option of private, or direct, messages. If someone is following you, you can send a direct message from the web via:

  • the "message" link on the profile page
  • the reply icon attached to messages in your direct message inbox
  • the drop down box on the direct message inbox page
  • the status update box using the direct message command: d + username + message

d + username + message will send a person a private message that goes into thier DM area on their account. Here is an example - d shirazabid Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to your tweets - All the best

Below you will find some useful tips on how to increase your twitter followers. This is a list created by Kevin Rose - the founder of Digg.

Ten Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers - by Kevin Rose

  1. Explain to your followers what retweeting is and encourage them to retweet your links. Retweeting pushes your @username into foreign social graphs, resulting in clicks back to your profile. Track your retweets using retweetist.
  2. Fill out your bio. Your latest tweets and @replies don't mean much to someone that doesn't know you. Your bio is the only place you have to tell people who you are. Also, your bio is displayed on Twitter's Suggested Users page. Leaving it blank or non-descriptive doesn't encourage people to add you.
  3. As @garyvee says, "link it up." Put links to your Twitter profile everywhere. Link it on your Digg, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, email signature, and everywhere else you live online. Also, check out the great feedburner-like badges from TwitterCounter for your blog.
  4. Tweet about your passions in life and #hash tag them. Quality content coupled with an easy way to find it never fails. If they enjoy your content, they'll add you.
  5. Bring your twitter account into the physical world. Everytime I give a talk, speak on a panel, shoot a podcast, present slides,or hand out business cards, I figure out a way to broadcast or displaymy twitter account.
  6. Take pictures. Pictures are heavily retweeted/spread around. For mobile pics use iPhone apps such as Tweetie or Twitterific, both which support on the go uploading.
  7. Start a contest. @jasoncalacanis offered a free macbook air if he reached the #1 most followed spot. That never happened, but Jason added thousands of followers...brilliant.
  8. Follow the top twitter users and watch what they tweet. Pay attention to the type of content they sent out and how they address their audiences.
  9. Reply to/get involved in #hash tag memes. lists the hot /trending topics. Look for the #hash topics and jump in on the conversation.
  10. Track your results. TwitterCounter will show you how many new users you're adding per day and Twitter will email you when someone unfollows you after a tweet.

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