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For more than a decade Camillo Loken has been collecting answers to the following four Big questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What are we doing here?
  • Where are we going?

After working in one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world for many years Camillo experienced a kind of awakening and became passionately interested in things pertaining to the creation of our world and how everything fits together.

Are we just neutral bystanders of this incredible creation or are we active participants creating our reality with what we think and feel? Camillo's passion and quest for answers led him to meetings with shamans, mediums, people with near-death experiences and even a special invitation to meet with one of Indias leading spiritual gurus - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. As Camillo gathered more and more information about the big questions in life he decided to share what he found with other people. As a result the website was published in 2009 and the feedback he has received has been great.

Now you can enjoy the One Mind One Energy Blog which lets you know whenever any new Webpages appear on, keeps you up-to-date on new discoveries regarding body, mind and soul, tells you about new exciting research closing the gap between science and spirituality, interesting videos and more.

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  1. Soul

    Jun 17, 16 05:10 AM

    You are Body, Mind and Soul

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  2. Your are more than your body. You are A SOUL

    May 04, 16 12:58 PM

    More than 400 years ago Rene Decartes split, body from mind and soul. SInce then we have been told that "matter is all that matters". Not so. You are more than your physical body of "matter". You are…

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  3. Creative Visualization

    Apr 21, 16 11:53 AM

    creative visualization

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  4. Successful People

    Apr 21, 16 09:04 AM

    Successful people

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  5. Master Your Life

    Apr 06, 16 05:33 AM

    The 5 Steps To Master Your Life Program is all about The Bigger Picture of Reality and how universal laws are governing your life. Knowing these Laws is like knowing the rules to the game we call Life…

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  6. [Upcoming Webinar] The 5 Steps To Master Your Life

    Apr 05, 16 07:58 AM

    Author & Speaker Camillo Loken will show you the The 5 Steps To Master Your Life. This informative webinar is based on 10 years of dedicated research into the Secret of Life and it´s backed up by Cutt…

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  7. [Upcoming Webinar] It took me 10 long years to discover THIS!

    Mar 12, 16 04:35 AM

    It's how I discovered the 5 steps needed to manifest what you truly want. It´s been an incredible journey of discovery and insight showing me The Bigger Picture of Reality. And it´s backed up by cutti…

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  8. How to win the "internal war" in your mind.

    Nov 16, 15 07:26 AM

    The person you talk with the most during the day is yourself. So how is your self-talk? Positive or negative? Often the inner chatter is of a negative nature because we have been shaped and molded wit…

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  9. Remove The Labels

    Nov 05, 15 02:27 AM

    Human Beings Were NOT Meant to Be Labeled! Great video from artist/writer - Prince Ea. A MUST SEE

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  10. Take back YOUR PERSONAL POWER...

    Sep 03, 15 09:17 AM

    If your fears and anxious feelings have stopped you from achieving what you want in life then pay close attention to this.

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