You have probably heard stories about Unstoppable people. People who manage to reach their goals no matter what challenges or obstacles are put in their way.

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  • People who make millions of dollars from scratch
  • People who have breakthrough ideas manifesting out of thin air
  • People with great disadvantages who win incredible sports events like The Olympics
  • People with so-called learning disability who become international best selling authors
  • People who never received any positive feedback as a child on anything they did and despite this they conquer all and reach their goals

How is this possible? Are these people specially gifted?

The truths is we are all special - we are all unique and anyone can reach their goals - live their dream and become what they truly want

Cynthia Kersey has herself conquered many obstacles and for a long time she has studied the traits of successful people

She discovered something incredible.

She says:

These people all have 7 traits in common. And really, that's the only thing that separates them from the rest of the world.

They're not superhuman, they didn't discover some long-lost secret, and they have just as many shortcomings and weaknesses as you or I (and sometimes more!).

These people adapted these 7 traits and nothing could stop them from reaching their goal.

Anyone can adapt these 7 traits
Anyone can BE or DO What They Want

One of the traits Cynthia discovered is passion

People who have a passion do succeed since they love what they do - they can't stop thinking about their passion. It is part of them day and night - it's who they are - and what they are all about.

Here are two extracts from the 7 incredible stories about unstoppable people Cynthia shares with us:

Tom Monaghan

The founder of Dominos Pizza Tom Monaghan endured hardships for decades.

He was willing to do everything to succeed. Here are just some of the hardships he had to endure in order to succeed:

  • He worked 18 hours a day
  • He suffered financial trouble
  • He lost his business but stayed on as president - with no authority
  • He had to sleep in his car to keep expenses down
  • For 5 years he fought off a bitter, trademark-infringement lawsuit

However he was willing to do whatever it took to succeed and in the end he did. Despite all the hardships lasting for decades he managed to make Domino's the largest home delivery pizza business in the world.

Tom Monaghan became one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the USA.

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Legson Kayira

Legston Kayira did what most people would consider the impossible. He grew up believing that studying was a waste of time for a poor boy from the town of Karongo in Nyasaland, Africa

But once he was ignited with a passion - a purpose to do something great - he did it. He fell in love with an idea and nothing could stop him.

His flame was ignited when he read books about the great work of Abraham Lincoln and Booker T. Washington. He wanted to be like them.

His dream: - to go to America to get a top college education and serve mankind, to make a difference in the world - like his heros had done.

His plan: walk to Cairo which was 3,000 miles away from where he lived ( his town Karongo in Nyasaland, Africa ), board a ship to America and start studying at a college

At the age of 16 he started taking the first step towards his goal and he had some big challenges ahead.

He didn't have a penny to his name and hence no way to pay for any trip in a ship he had no idea what college he would attend or if he would even be accepted. Cairo was 3,000 miles away and in between were hundreds of tribes that spoke more than fifty strange languages, none of which Legson knew.

Despite all these incredible challenges he reached his goal and graduated from a college in the US and he went on to became a professor of political science at Cambridge University in England and a widely respected author.

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You are not the victim of your circumstances, but the MASTER of them - Legson Kayira

Nothing could stop these people from reaching their goals. They never quit because they know that they will succeed if they keep at it - they have the DESIRE, the PERSISTENCE and they TAKE ACTION. They want things to work out. They are creating for themselves and for others and this is what being here is all about.

You can do the same

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