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Todays money - $1000.000 - Daily vibrational spending game
February 11, 2009


In order to attract what you want you need to be in the right vibrational state.

The Daily Vibrational Game sends you different amounts of virtual money each day for you to spend on whatever you want.

In your mind you can now buy or do whatever you want with the money. The Mind does not know the difference between a real buy and a virtual buy. The object is to get you into the right vibrational state of wealth. Use the internet or magazine to find videos or pictures on what you want to buy.

Here are some examples

Buy lavish gifs and give them to your friends or

Travel the world or

Give to charity or

buy yourself an incredible real estate or

buy yourself a luxury yacht and invite friends to join you

and so on.

This game will get your vibrational frequency going.

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