Affirmations can be very powerful if you practice them everyday and do them "the right way". It's all about reprogramming your mind to a new belief system.

We all carry with us belief systems based on how we were shaped, conditioned and "programmed" while growing up. Your parents, your friends, school, media, society.... have all played an important part in forming your belief system.

They have influenced, shaped and formed you into what you believe in today. The way you think about yourself is most likely a result of the way you were shaped while growing up.

However, your current belief system might not be the best for you to carry around. It might limit you in many ways.  Research shows that most people grow up with limiting beliefs about what they can have, do or be.

These beliefs are part of us until they day we decide to change them. And the good news is that we CAN change them. It´s possible and affirmations can be one way of altering these limiting beliefs IF they are carried out "the right way".

doing affirmations "the right way"

Many people write down affirmations on a piece of paper or on post-it notes and stick them up everywhere. Affirmations like

  • I am beautiful
  • I am smart
  • I am confident
  • I am successful
  • I am rich
  • I am resourceful

and so on. Will this help? Will this "reprogram" the subconscious mind? Yes, but only if it´s done the "right way".

Some people claim affirmations don’t work at all. It´s a waste of time writing them down and putting them on post-it notes and what have you. The fact is this: They do work if you do it "the right way".

People who say they don’t work have not really understood how new neural networks in the brain are formed. When doing affirmations you must remember to:

  1. Repeat them often while in Lower Brainwave States and
  2. Involve your feelings and emotions

If you just read or write affirmations without any feelings while in the waking state of beta brainwave state  it will have little effect. However, if you repeat them while in lower brainwaves states, like alpha, and also involve your feelings you will see results.


Let’s say you are sick and you want to use affirmations to feel better. Maybe you use an affirmation like this:

I am so happy and grateful because I am well and healthy.

If you say it while awake and in the beta brainwave state it’s not going to do a lot of good. Also, it will not make an impact on your subconscious mind if you can’t imagine how it feels like to be well and healthy.

We are all born with the wonderful gift of imagination. You have the power to think regardless of circumstance.

So, use your imagination. And lower your brainwaves to lower levels - to  “the bridge” between your conscious and subconscious mind which is in the lower alpha levels.

Repeating this affirmation in the evening when going to bed will be much better since your brain automatically goes into the lower state of alpha at night. It´s all about calming the mind down. Remember to also repeat the affirmation with feelings. See yourself well and happy. Feel it. Sense it with all your senses.

Your feelings and emotions act like glue and this glue is what is needed if you want these new thought patterns to stick to your subconscious mind. So, imagination goes a long way.

And here is an interesting scientific fact: The brain cannot distinguish what´s real from imaginary.

In other word, using your imagination to see yourself in the state you want to be in is going to trigger the same neural networks in your brian as if you were in this state for real.

 investigated the power of imagination

A group of Harvard Medical School researchers investigated the power of imagination. The conducted a study with volunteers in a lab who were asked to learn and practice a five-finger piano exercise.

The volunteers were split into three groups and put to a test. After the tests, brainscans of every test person were taken and analyzed. The researchers were interested in differences between the before – and – after situation and the differences between the three groups.

  • The first group were taken into a room with a piano and asked to play as fluidly as they could, trying to keep to the metronome's 60 beats per minute, two hours a day for five days.  
  • The second group were taken into an identical room with an identical piano and were instructed to merely think about practicing the piano, holding their hands still while playing the music in their heads. 
  • The third group were taken into an identical room with an identical piano – but had nothing to do with the instrument at all (control group).

The brainscans showed an extraordinary result

First of all, the brains of those who simply sat in the same room as the piano (group 3) hadn’t changed at all.

Equally unsurprising were the findings for group 1 - those who had actually carried out the piano exercises. The brainscans showed marked structural changes in the area of the brain associated with finger movement.

However, when looking at group 2, the group that had merely imagined doing the piano exercises, the researched were surprised.

According to the brainscan results, the brain structure of these people had changed almost as distinctive as those in group 1, the ones who actually did exercise.

The brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary!

On the image you see the results from the brainscan.

The top two rows in the image show the changes in the brain in those who actually played the piano.

The middle two rows show the changes in those who simply imagined playing the piano.

The bottom two rows show the scans of those who simply sat in the same room as the piano (group 2) who didn’t play nor imagined playing the piano.

You can clearly see that the changes in the brain in those who imaged playing piano are almost the same as in those who actually played piano.

Your brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary!


There are two major implications here:

  1. using your imagination and applying mental training have the power to change the physical structure of the brain (creating new neural networks) and 
  2. the brain doesn't distinguish between a real or imagined exercise.

By repeating positive affirmations you can change your limiting thought patterns into positive ones.

You can also use subliminal message to accomplish the same. More information here: The Secret Mind

Louis Hay

Louis Hay (1926-2017) really used the power of positive affirmations to transform her life Louise Hay.

She was a motivational author and the founder of the publishing company Hay House.

She spent a lifetime teaching people that every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future. She´s taught people how to be happy and get more out of life.

When she was looking into the field of self improvement ideas and positive self-talk she discovered the healing power of positive affirmations and her first book Heal Your Body (1976) ended up on the bestseller list for 13 weeks.

Her book You Can Heal Your Life (1984) also became a bestseller. More than 35 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Louise had a simple message that she wanted to share:

The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.

Your thoughts create your life and when we can get that we can make enormous if you change your thinking you can change your life.

Yes, the power of thought is incredible. Louis Hay was spot on.

GET HER FREE AFFIRMATION ARTICLE HERE: Louis Hay: Positive Affirmation Article

The Law of thinking

In his book Working with the Law Raymond Holliwell talks about the power of thought and the Law of Thinking. 

Thought is an actual force or substance, even though it is invisible. Thoughts are like electricity that travels through all the "thinking stuff" that makes up our entire Universe, faster than the speed of light.

Thoughts are power. Power cannot act without producing an effect. Therefore, our thinking is constantly producing effects.

What we hold within our minds inevitably takes its form in the outer world. If you wish to gain control over your life, you must first become the gatekeeper of your mind and think only positive thoughts of an ever-expanding nature.

We all create our reality in every moment, but most people are doing it unconsciously.

With some effort on your part, you can learn to do this with the utmost of clarity and precision, so that you can attract experiences and people you desire to have in your midst.

Mental activity does not constitute thinking

Mental activity does not constitute thinking. Thinking is done in our conscious mind and we have our senses hooked up to our conscious mind. We see, hear, smell, taste and touch so there is an enormous amount of information being fed into our conscious mind.

There is pictures and sounds and colors etc. being fed into our conscious mind all the time so our mind is always busy. I believe that the average person mistakes that for thinking. It is not thinking at all - it's just busy.

- Bob Proctor

change your thoughts - apply affirmations

You can start changing your belief system right now. You can apply positive affirmations. Write them down and start reading them out loud to yourself every night WITH FEELINGS.

Keep "talking to yourself" saying that you CAN master a new skill - that you CAN reach a new goal goal - that you CAN be successful and so on.

Don´t let your thoughts go on autopilot by just reacting to the outside world.

Unfortunately, many people never really think and respond. Most people are just reacting to whatever is entering their lives- like reacting to a news coverage - or some gossip at work - or an article in a newspaper or magazine or something a friend said on Facebook. Few people really stop and pause in order to decide how to respond. 

If you take charge of your thinking and stand guard at the gateway to your mind you are well on your way to become conscious of what you are thinking about. 

And if you start repeating positive affirmations over and over again you will change any limiting beliefs you might have.

This will surely change your life for the better because we do create our reality from the inside out.