The Cosmic Law of Attraction

The Law of Cosmic Attraction

The Cosmic Law of Attraction (LofA) is one the most known universal laws. There are many different views on how many governing laws are in existence, but many agree that the The LofA is one of them. It's probably the most known law and it states that: like attracts like.

Iceberg Universal Laws

Several books have been written on the topic of the LofA and a search for this law on Google will get you millions of hits.

In comparison a search for the "Law of Vibrations" or any other universal law isn't even close. No comparison. The LofA is by far the most known law of all the universal laws.

The LofA became almost a household name after the release of the book and the movie The Secret in 2006. It was widely marketed and it was picked up by the media.

However, The Secret was just scratching the tip of the iceberg. You can´t talk about one universal law without seeing it in relation to other universal laws. You also need to understand that all the laws deal with energy, frequency and vibration.

Back in 1986 Esther and her husband Jerry Hicks came into contact with non-physical entities called Abraham. Abraham is a group of evolved teachers from "the other side" - non-physical entities and they speak through Esther. Esther and Jerry has published a lot of books, DVD, articles etc. about the information received through Esther from Abraham. This is referred to as the teaching of Abraham or the Abraham-Hicks teaching.

The cosmic law of attraction is an ancient universal law that was brought to light from Abraham through Esther Hicks.

Esther Hicks was part of the bestselling book and DVD "The Secret" when it was released by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. The book and DVD gained a lot of attention worldwide. The media picked it up and The Cosmic Law of Attraction became a very well known universal law.

Esther Jerry Hicks

The people behind the movie was featured on popular talks shows like Oprah and Larry King raising the interest even higher.

According to Wikipedia "Esther Hicks was a narrator and star of the original version of the film The Secret. However, the footage featuring Hicks was removed from the later "Extended Edition" after a conflict between Hicks and the film's creator Rhonda Byrne. The conflict is reported as being primarily about intellectual property rights and money. After the film's release, the book, Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks (a abraham-hicks book) made the New York Times Best Sellers list", drawing even more attention and interest to this topic."

cosmic law of attraction

So what is the Cosmic Law of Attraction?

The Cosmic Law of Attraction insists that all things similar in nature will naturally gravitate to one another and magnetize one another into their own field. This applies to all things in the Universe; it also applies to thought. Thought is energy and it is magnetic to those things with a similar vibration.

Like attracts like - so in a nutshell you attract what you think about and what you feel strongly about. However, after the book and the movie The Secret came out in 2006 scientists disputed that the Cosmic Law of Attraction works - they said that like does not attract like. If you take two positive magnets towards each other they will actually repel - not attract.

So how can this be explained?

Rather than using the term the Cosmic Law of Attraction we might use the term The Law of Resonance. In order to understand this law its important to first understand The Law of Vibration which states that everything in the universe vibrates. Everything is made up of energy and everything has its own vibrational frequency.

If you want to attract something you need to be at the same vibrational frequency as what you want - The Law of Resonance states that anything that is on the same vibrational frequency makes itself known to each other. They vibrate on the same frequency. When we send out signals on a certain frequency through are thoughts and emotions the universe respond to us with anything and everything that resonates with that frequency.

Hence we should learn to resonate with what we want instead of resonating with what we are doubtful of, fearful of and so on.

When we do that our thoughts and emotions will become things.

You reap what you sow.

Thought + emotions = Attraction

This simple formula tells it all. When you realize that thought + emotions = attraction you also realize that it´s important to really involve your feelings when you want something.

Setting your goals from the heart will make it easier for you to reach your goal because your emotions are involved. You will be in a higher emotional state more of the time and this will influence how fast you are able to manifest. Want To Learn More? Check This Out

In this video-clip on the Larry King show - Oprah shares how she got a part in the movie The Color Purple and it was all about how she was thinking, feeling and drawing it into her life by using the Cosmic Law of Attraction - by putting all her emotions behind it. She used the formula thought + emotions = attraction to get what she wanted.

Famous People Talk About The Law Of Attraction

In this video you´ll hear famous people like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jim Carrey and many more talk about the power of the LofA. They share with us their belief in the power we all have and that we really can be or do what we want. They´re talking about the power of our thoughts and that anything is possible. They believe that you can create whatever you want - which is the essence of the Law of Attraction:

Helen Hadsell

One woman who has really put the Law of attraction into use is Helen Hadsell.

Read more about how Helen Hadsell put the Law of attraction to use to win every contest she entered.