How To Time Travel

Time Travel

How to time travel: Yes, it´s possible says David Wilcock. He reveals how the government has been covering up the construction of time machines (star gates) as well as a "Looking Glass Device" looking into the future.

Does it sound like science fiction? Is time travel really possible?

Yes, according to Wilcock. This is not a time travel theory. This is how to time travel.

How to time time travel: David Wilcock explained it all at the Conscious Life Expo -08.

But who is David Wilcock?

David Wilcock on:
UFOs, Pineal Gland and How To Time Travel


David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy.

His upcoming Hollywood film Convergence unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

David is also the subject and co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, which explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar, features many of David's most inspiring psychic readings, and reveals documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change and how it directly impacts our DNA.

He has read an enormous amount of books and interviewed like minded people on different subjects relating to parapsychology, UFOs, ESP, medium, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, matter and energy and how to time travel.

At the age of 7 David read his first full-length adult paperback book about ESP, entitled How to Make ESP Work for You, by Harold Sherman.

He conducted successful telepathic experiments with his friends, and demonstrated repeated psychic accuracy while still in second grade, culminating in a classroom demonstration of his abilities.

He is like a walking, talking encyclopedia.

In the last few years he has received top secret information from whistleblowers inside Pentagon, the NSA and people working with the Roswell crash. He´s been given evidence that time travel is real. How to time travel is no longer a mystery.

He talks about how we have been visited by aliens, and about high level conspiracy (government cover-ups) going on and much more.

All the way back since the second world war people in power have been hiding information on how to time travel from the public, but David's research and all this incredible information went public in 2008.

Project Camelot

David also works together with Project Camelot started by Bill Ryan and Kerry Lynn Cassidy. The sole purpose of Project Camelot is to reveal the truth about our world.

Since its inception, Project Camelot has become a leader in the area of whistleblower testimony by providing filmed interviews, shot guerrilla style, on location, with key witnesses and researchers from all around the world. 

Project Camelot also did an interview with Dr. Steven Greer - one of the worlds leading people on extraterrestrial life and intelligence. He´s an American physician, ufologist, author, lecturer and founder of The Disclosure Project.

The Disclosure Project and Dr. Steven Greer

I the interview, that took place on July 26th, 2009, Dr. Greer reveals that we have been visited by aliens for many, many years. This information, he says, has been classified as secret projects and been going on illegally since the 50's.

Already in 1954 the people behind the classified secret projects had actually figured out and mastered the electro-magnetic, gravity propulsion systems, but they kept it secret from the public.

Dr. Greer explains:

"If we do acknowledge that the UFOs are real and that aliens have visited us from other planets many scientists would ask - how are they getting from one star system to another?

The Disclosure Project and its team can answer this question in great detail. When that is answered you are going to see the end of oil, gas, coal and nuclear power - which is a 500 trillion dollar asset base.

This is controlled by 200 or 300 people and their corporations in the world. They are protecting and controlling half the wealth on the planet".

Free energy

He also talks about the global revelation of the possibility of obtaining free energy.

There's a baseline level of energy that's in all the space around us -- not outer space, but the space in this room.

It's estimated that every cubic centimeter of space here has enough energy to run the entire Earth for a day. This can be tapped.

Some scientists are trying to fabricate motors that extract energy from the quantum vacuum, the energy that surrounds us - from the space between atoms - the so-called "zero point" energy.

This technology will enable every home to have its own compact power extraction source that need to be no bigger than a heat pump or air conditioning unit. It will cost no more to acquire and nothing to run.

Greer says: If this information comes out they'll quickly see that we don't need oil, coal or central utilities. It's all about maintaining the homeostasis and status quo of the world macro-economic and power dynamic.

No wonder the owners of the big oil, gas, coal and nuclear plants are hiding this from the public. They are doing everything to keep this secret.

It would mean a complete transformation of our world. It would replace everything. We wouldn't need oil because there would be clean, sustainable energy, and manufacturing and transportation would be very inexpensive.

It would revolutionize the planet and help enormously the situation of poverty which people suffer from.

Dr.Dan Burisch and The Looking Glass Project

Dr. Dan Burisch

Another Project Camelot interview has been with Dr. Dan Burisch.

He´s a microbiologist who received his PhD in 1989 in New York.

He worked at Area-51 directly with the extraterrestrial being housed there and interacted directly.

He was assigned to be the Working Group Leader in Project Aquarius, R-4800, Papoose Site-4 on the Nevada Test Site at the same location as Robert Lazar, only briefly when Lazar was there, but assigned to a leadership position sometime around 1994.

He worked in the underground biological lab that had been installed on Level 4. The security procedures for entering the area included optical retinal scan and voice print identification.

Showering, shaving, decontamination, and change of clothing was required before entering the lab as they had classified at a bio safety level of 5 which is not listed in the OSU manuals. (source:

Project Looking Glass

Dan Burisch became familiar with a project called Looking Glass. The Looking Glass Project was a viewing device to see into the future.

It dealt with the physics of seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time. This as with the other projects all embraced gravity and the control of it, and therefore the control of Space/Time as the key element.

In the picture you see a tiny red dot on one of the stabilizer posts. It represents the size of a man. In other words - this thing is HUGE.


The same construction could be seen in The movie Contact with Jodie Foster.

Movie - Contact wormhole device

The Looking Glass Project involved a back-engineered extraterrestrial device originally designed to be a portal opening mechanism for Stargate-type travel - which had (has) the capacity to bend time/space so that events over the forward and rear event horizons could be viewed.

When it´s paired up with a second device using the settings, events can not only be viewed but heard and more.

This device was also being tested for communications protocols and transportation applications as recently as 2003-2004 before being dismantled for safety reasons as we enter further into the highly energetic space in and around the galactic plane. 

Project Camelot

Project Camelot

Project Camelot interviewed Dan Burisch in October 2008 and he revealed incredible information about the aliens and the Looking Glass Project.

Dr. Burisch says that the aliens were future humans who traveled back in time and he calls them human lineage extra terrestrial. From them we could learn how to time travel.

In this video he is talking talking about Stargates. Please note - many of his videos have been erased from Youtube so this is an old clip.

Also, David Wilcock reveals some of the same information in this video. This is part 6 of a 10 part video-series filmed at the Conscious Life Expo -08. David talks about alien ufos - real space-crafts.

However, the "creatures" discovered within the space crafts were not aliens - they turned out to be future humans who had travel back in time to correct something that went wrong.

They needed to fix it and hence create an alternative time-line and a better future. All the secrets on how to time travel back into the past and ahead into the future was revealed.

App 3:30 into the video David talks about these future humans coming back in time and how to time travel. He also talks about the cube - which turns out to be a device for travelling in time.

According to David we are living in a time where a conscious awakening is going on - in each person.

We create the future with our thoughts and with regards to the future David says:

The future appears to be an energy field which is largely dependent upon our focus in terms of how we choose to go into it. One of the reasons we know that is because of the government time travel project called : Project looking Glass.

And it turns out that the person looking through the Looking Glass Device determines the future that they see by what they expect they are going to see in the future. How you look at it DETERMINES the outcome.

Pineal Gland - the third eye

The Pineal Gland is located in the center of the brain (indicated with the red circle on the picture above). The size is that of a raisin or a pea. It is shaped very much like a pinecone, a symbol that oddly enough shows up in every ancient culture in the world.

Pineal Gland
Pope with staff

The pope himself carries a staff with a large pinecone shape on it and in front of the Vatican they actually have a court called The Court of the Pinecone with a huge pine cone statue. Ancient people called The Pineal Gland the "third eye". The pineal gland was thought to have mystical powers and be the seat of the human soul.

This powerful gland is believed to be the gateway to the universe and higher roams. It contains the secret on how to time travel.

Vatican Pinecone Statue

The interior of the pineal gland along the inside has rods and cones just like the retina on your eye - hence the name the third eye.

David held a presentation at the Conscious Life Expo -08 and his talk also covered the importance of The Pineal Gland. David says it is The Gateway To The Spiritual World and by understanding this we also will understand how to time travel.

At app. 2:54 into the video he starts talking about the Pineal Gland:

In the video David explains how Dr. Dan Burisch & Co. found out that they could actually Reverse-Engineer The Pineal Gland and its properties in order to create such a gateway to the spiritual world - and they did.

It was called the Looking Glass Project and the device, as mentioned above, could see into the future.

At app. 30 seconds into the video he talks about the properties of the gland. It "contains" a huge amount of concentrated energy from the body.

This is because it´s our gateway between Space-Time and Time-Space (in Time-Space how to time travel is not an issue because the past, present and future is actually all now).

At app. 7:55 into the video he talks about the possibility to Reverse-Engineer The Pineal Gland.

Awake and Aware Conference,
Los Angeles, Sept 2009

At the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, Los Angeles, Sept 2009 David said this:

When you start to look at the hidden secrets of science which is already out in the open now - you find out that the human species is undergoing a massive evolutionary process right now. And I am going to prove that to you.

You can see his 2 hours and 27 minutes talk here. It is a real eye-opening talk:

His talk is really fascinating. He talks about pyramids and stone formation harnessing energy, about the Bermuda Triangle and other triangles being time portals. He goes on to talk about how the planets in our solar system are heating up and how a galactic wave will change our DNA.

He´s saying that all life is created from a universal consciousness, something which is also covered in the book The Shift in Consciousness. Wilcock also reveals information about how we have been living our lives like modern slaves due to massive "promotion" of fear. 

Fear of loosing our jobs, fear of disease, fear of economic collapse, fear of not being successful, fear of not fitting in and so on. We´ve been fed this fear and it has kept us from living life as who we truly are - loving beings. 

The media through newspapers, magazines, TV, the Internet, radio etc. has been pumping negative news and images into our heads 24-7 for years.

Does it really matter you ask? Oh yes, it does because it influences our minds and ultimately the reality we experience. Do you want to be in a reality where you learn how to time travel? Then let go of fear and give all your energy, all your intention, and all your focus to the this reality.

Most people don´t think. Most people only REACT to the outside world.

As author and speaker Bob Proctor says: Most people think they think, but they confuse mental activity with thinking. Mental activity is not thinking. Reacting to the outside world is not thinking.

Letting all these negative news and images enter into our minds is not thinking.

The Thinker

Thinking would be to stop and pause so you could respond rather than react.

To quote Anthony Robbins: You must stand guard at the doorway of your mind.

Why is this important?

In order to explain this two things are important to mention:

  1. Whatever you let into your mind can influence your subconscious mind. If something is repeated over and over again (like negative, fearbased news) it will "end up" as subconcious "programs" running your life.
  2. We live in a mysterious universe of thought. We are all part of a universal mind - a universal consciousness.

Hence - we create our own world based on our thinking and if your mind has been subject to massive negative information through the media then standing guard at the doorway to your mind becomes crucial.

If you let the negative news, images videos etc. from the outside world freely slip into your mind you will be fed with fear. Hence, you are letting the outside world dictate what your reality will be like.

As we advance in communication technology we get bombarded even more with fear-based information. We see news headlines, images and interviews about economic collapse, war, disease, flues and what have you.

What´s the result? People get scared. Many are terrified. Fear becomes part of their lives.

If you stop reading newspapers and stop watching all the negative news  you would not be exposed to all this fear based info. Your mind would be one of positive thoughts. The more positive and open minded you are the more possibilites you´ll see within this creation - like how to time travel. 

Fear makes the mind produce negative thoughts, and these will release chemical reactions releasing hormones that are not good for the body over time - like adrenaline and cortisol .

Your reality is a result of your past thoughts and feelings. If you never really think, but just react to the outside world your thoughts and feelings will create a reality which reflects the outside world. You get more of the same, so you get more to worry about.

Remember: you are a unique human being with incredible potential. You have the power to think regardless of circumstance. You have the power to be or do whatever you truly want. The first step is to let go of fear.

you do create your own reality

Break free, freedom

Seth Speaks - The Eternal Validity of The Soul is a book written in 1972 by Seth through the medium Jane Roberts. Seth speaks of himself as an "energy personality essence" no longer focused in physical form.

In the book Seth talks about how we all create our own reality:

.."you do create your own reality and live according to your inner beliefs. Therefore, be careful also of those beliefs that you accept.

Let me take this moment to state again that there are no devils or demons, except as you create them out of your belief.

As mentioned earlier, good and evil effects are basically illusions. In your terms all acts, regardless of their seeming nature, are part of a greater good.

I am not saying that a good end justifies what you consider an evil action. While you still accept the effects of good and evil, then you had better choose the good."

David Wilcock says the same:

Life on Earth is not a cosmic accident. Life on Earth is programmed to be here.

Yes, and within this "program" it´s possible to learn how to time travel.

Energy Body

We are co-creators of life. We create with our thoughts. We are part of a universal consciousness and have the ability to create our own future. In order to do this you must claim your freedom of positivity. You must BREAK FREE. You must have freedom from fear

Freedom from fear is the most threatening thing to the negative controllers in this world. If you are free from fear they can't keep you down anymore. They can't use the means of multimedia to reach your mind and implant fear. How to time travel seems to be possible as seen with the Looking Glass project, but "the controllers" don´t want you to know this.

You are free because you realize that you are a spiritual being with incredible powers. 

THE BODY is NOT who you are. It´s just the "container" used by the soul. In truth you are an energy being living in a "sea of energy".

You are a deathless soul having a physical experience in an "energy vehicle" called the body. 

More and more people are now waking up to this truth, but still the masses are in denial.

They think they are their bodies because they have been programmed to think this way. They think it´s the real truth. It´s not.

In Davids video-series he talks about Space-Time versus Time-Space and he says:

Location is an illusion based on the rules of the road because there is ONE intelligent super being that wants to experience multiplicity and separation so that it can reunify.

This Divine Operation wants to express itself through us and hence the illusion of time and space was constructed to make experiences of separation seem real.

Certain very powerful people who has realized this have used this knowledge to their advantage and kept this illusion alive among the masses. Why? To control the masses and keep the power.

The Matrix

The Matrix

The movie The Matrix describes a future in which reality as perceived by humans is actually the Matrix: a simulated reality. People are living in an illusion.

What we are experiencing here on Earth is the same thing, says Gerald O'Donnel. A higher Intelligence - A Supreme Power - has constructed our world of Space and Time. We think it´s real, but it´s not.

Gerald O'Donnel is the world's foremost expert in Remote Viewing and the original inventor of the art of Remote Influencing. He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics, a M.Sc. in Computer Science and an MBA.

He says we are living in a real Matrix keeping us all "in the dark" so to speak - letting us live an illusion. It´s The Truth Behind Creation, he says.

Mr. O'Donnel is actually saying the same thing as David Wilcock is saying: Space & Time has been constructed. We are living an illusion. There is no time. All is NOW. As such it should be possible to learn how to time travel.

Space-Time vs. Time-space

Space-Time vs

What is Space-Time? Einstein said Space and Time are not really separate. Space-Time is like a fabric weaving together Space and Time.

Nassim Haramein's lifelong journey into the geometry of space-time has lead to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure of the universe. We live in a very large universe and at the same time a very small universe.

Since the universe is expanding there must also be something contracting. Einstein said that gravity is the result of space-time curving. Haramein and his colleagues are saying: Yes, it curves, but that´s not all it does. It also curls as shown in this video.

So how is this fabric of space-time related to travelling in time?

Is it part of "the recipe" on how to time travel? David is explaining how to time travel in his 10 part video series and he starts by explaining this by looking into Einstein's Fabric of Space-Time.

David on Space-Time:

Our Space-Time Reality has 3 dimensions of space and one dimension of time. You can move around in three dimensions of space.

One dimension of Time is fixed and it moves forward like a river.

David on Time-Space:

Time-Space has 3 dimensions of time ( to us - past,present,future) and one dimension of space (to us).

You can move around in 3 dimension of time.

This is what we experience in the dream plane, astral plane etc.

Hence, time is not linear. It´s only linear because we are stuck in Space-Time. However, if you´re in Time-Space time it is not linear and this is why a psychic can look forward and backward in time and how to time travel is no longer a mystery.

This would explain how Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and others could predict the future. They operated in Time-Space and in a sense they knew how to time travel because they saw the future while being in the Time-Space state.

Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945) was an American psychic who demonstrated the uncanny ability to put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach.

This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with ALL TIME AND SPACE.

Hence, how to time travel is not a mystery since Edgar Cayce, and others like him, actually moved from Space-Time to Time-Space through their own gateway - The Pineal Gland.

More about Space-Time vs Time-Space in this video.
App. 7:20 into the video David starts to talk about Space and Time.

How to Time Travel

David Wilcock says that all this information about Time-Space and how to time travel, Stargates, aliens (future humans), Looking Glass Device into future etc. has been verified by Black Ops and others like Dr. Dan Burisch.

What David shares with us regarding how to time travel is truly stunning. When you relate this to what he says about all life on Earth being united in a field of consciousness it all make sense.

Many people support David saying that we live in a thought universe. Quantum Physics state that particles behave like waves and appear in many localities at the same time indicating that there are multiple realities.

If everything is based on thought and consciousness both David and Gerald are telling the truth. Our physical world is an illusion. Hence, in the "real world" there is no past, present or future - only now. In Time-Space the future can be seen. In Time-Space how to time travel is not an issue because everything is NOW. 

If the Pineal Gland is the gateway to the spiritual world a Reverse Engineering Process of its properties could result in a Looking Glass Device into the future as described by David and Dr. Burisch. It would also reveal the secret on how to go from Space-Time to Time-Space and hence How To Time Travel.

With this knowledge how to time travel can be explained. 

You can learn more about Space-Time & Time-Space in the book The Paradox of Creation.

The Paradox of Creation