How do you find direction and meaning in life? How do you find your life purpose?

First of all, you are not alone.I´ve helped thousands of people find meaning with their life-experience and I can do the same for you. I have personal experienced how it is to go from “being lost” to finally finding my purpose.

I lived on “auto-pilot” for 40 years before I finally started to understand my purpose and direction in life. And since then my life started to make total sense.

So, how do you go from “being lost” to finding your life purpose like I did?

Search for answers

In my experience the first step is to do what you´re actually doing now - start searching for answers - for a meaning. 

Most people don´t even think about a life purpose.

They´re too busy doing what is expected of them…

…to follow “the recipe” for a secure life…

…by getting an education and then use that education to get a “secure” job.

Nothing wrong with that.

However, doing what is expected of you from parents, peers, society etc. is most likely not your life purpose.

In my experience I have found that few people instinctively know what their life purpose is. Mine didn´t dawn on me until I was 40 years old. I was too busy living a life that wasn´t really inline with my inner most desires.

I was too busy to comply with the “noise” of the external world - to all the expectation. As a result I never paid attention to my inner voice - to my heart and intuition.

pay attention to your INTUITION if you want to find your life purpose

Your intuition is key because it will guide you in the right direction. But that requires attention.

Pay attention to how you FEEL

A universe with a meaning or not?

I strongly believe that we´re here on this planet for a reason. I don´t believe in a random Universe - a Universe that came out of nothing with the Big Bang. Yes, scientist can calculate the birth of the Universe (The Big Bang) to app. 13,7 billion years ago, but how can nothing turn into something?

Some scientists like Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow will tell you that it came out of nothing. In their book The Grand Design, they argue that the Big Bang, rather than occurring following the intervention of a divine being, was inevitable due to the law of gravity.

The laws of physics can explain, they say, how a Universe of space, time and matter could emerge spontaneously, without the need for God. Most cosmologists agree. They say we don’t need a god-of-the-gaps to make the Big Bang go bang. It can happen as part of a natural process. Hawking and Mlodinow argue that because there is a law like gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing.

Their basic argument is that there must be a law of gravity. The law of gravity must take a particular form and because there must be such a law, the Universe created itself out of nothing. But where did the law of gravity come from? It couldn´t just exist. So it’s not really an origin theory is it?


Their idea of nothing isn’t really nothing. It includes at least a law of gravity. They are defining nothing so it complies with the laws of physic to dismiss a Creator – an Intelligent Universe - a God. 

They aren’t really starting with nothing at all. Where did this law of gravity come from? They say that such a law must exist. How can that be? Nothing stays nothing. 

There is no power in nothing to transform it into something. And it doesn ́t include a scientific law. It seems like they got blinded by their own “truth”.

I my book The Paradox of Creation (Free Chapters Here) I talk about what this nothing really is. In other words - what was before the Big Bang.


To me the Universe is intelligent meaning that there is a reason for you living on this planet now.

You have a life purpose. We all have even though it can seem farfetched when you see all the pain and suffering happening in the world.

I spent years trying to figure out why we must endure pain and suffering if the Universe is Intelligent - if there is a Creator of sorts.

Eventually I saw the Bigger Picture of Realty. I found answers that made sense to the "madness". I reveal it all in my 5 Steps To Master Your Life Program.

your life - DOES IT HAVE meaning?

Ask yourself this:

Is your life just the results of a cosmic coincidence - a random event?


Is your life the result of Intelligent Design meaning that you are here for a reason - that you have a life purpose?

I´m convinced that we all have a purpose while living here on this beautiful planet. If you believe so too, but you haven´t found it yet maybe this video will be of interest to you:

Free Video - Finding Your Life Purpose