WHat is life to you?


How do you choose to see your Life? 

Is it good, is it an adventure, is it a challenge, is it a struggle...

We all have different ways of looking at our lives. Why are we here? 

Are we here as deathless souls to learn or to develop or just to experience the physical realm?  Or maybe we´re just the result of a random, cosmic event that started with the Big Bang with no meaning whatsoever and when we die it´s all over? 

What´s your take on it?

What´s your view on life?

The way you view how you live will have a profound impact on how it will be and what you will experience. If you feel that everyday is a struggle you will attract and experience more struggle.


Because - if you are vibrating out feelings of struggle (Law of Vibration) that´s what you will attract - like attracts like (Law of Attraction)

We are very powerful, creative beings. Our thoughts and feelings are really unique electromagnetic units creating an energy-field with a certain frequency.

And this is how we communicate with the Universe. As such it is important to be aware of our thoughts and feeling because they impact our lives directly.

Some people say that living is harsh or that it´s rough or hard, but just by changing the words to it´s beautiful or it´s joyful will make a difference.

If we decide to see our lives in a more positive way on a regular basis it will shift our vibrational state and this will lead to a more positive life-experience.

There are many ways to view our lives. In the poll we have listed many positive views.

Share with us your positive view and see the result of what other people have been sharing.

Life is....

If you want your days to start flowing you need to understand how the Universe operates and how it is governed by Universal Laws influcening our everyday lives.

You need to see how these laws are dealing with energy, frequency and vibration.

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