Reincarnation - the cycle

Reincarnation is the belief that the soul is reborn repeatedly. It is the belief that the soul comes back to gain more experiences in lifetime after lifetime.

It involves the soul's cyclical return to this plane until it no longer serves any further purpose in gaining experience. 

The soul is seeking reunion with The Creator - with All That Is - with God - and it can only do so after lifetimes of experiences. 

The soul is here to experience, not to learn. If learning was the purpose when would the learning stop?

When would the soul "graduate"? Would it be upon reunion with The One?

Reincarnation is about gaining experiences

The soul is not here to learn anything. Life is not a school where we gain more and more knowledge and then graduate.

When you go to school you go because you want to know something you don´t know. It´s expanding your knowingness. But if you already know what you want to know then you don´t need school.

The soul wants to experience its knowingness - not learn anything.

Learning would serve no purpose, because the soul already knows everything. The soul is an aspect of God (part of God) and God knows everything and so does the soul.

But when it decides to experience life on Earth the human body that it uses as an "energy-vehicle" will not remember past lives or being an aspect of God. So, the purpose for all us is to remember who we are. To remember that we are God in disguise.

You might say that God is "hiding" in each and everyone of us and our purpose is to find God within. The book The Paradox of Creation describes this in detail. 

So, life is not a process of discovery through learning, but a process of creation.

The soul is here to create whatever it wants and through this process the soul gains different experiences. 

It´s all a matter of living out (or demonstrate) what the soul knows in the physical. It makes the knowing "come alive". 

So the soul creates itself anew, through the experience of creation. 

life review

When the body dies and the soul moves on it has the opportunity to review the experiences it produced for itself, as well as the experiences it produced for others.

In this "review" it can "examine" these experiences and choose to explore some of them in more depth.

Also, since the soul is One with everything it can feel all the feelings of the experiences it produced for others. As a result it might choose to experience some of these feelings itself by being reborn.

So, it chooses reincarnation which literary means coming back into the flesh. 

In other words, it gets to decide what next it would like to experience as it seeks to create and re-create itself in grander and grander versions.

So, reincarnation is not about karma or karmic debt because a debt is something that you must or should repay. The soul doesn´t need to repay anything. But it can choose to explore certain experiences.

Example: Let´s say someone is inflicting a great deal of pain on another by hurting and abusing them.

Some would argue that this person would accumulate bad karma and be "punished" in the next life. 

It´s not a question of punishing. It´s a question of choosing to experience the same feelings that were inflicted on others. In that sense a soul could decide to reincarnate and end up being hurt and abused because it´s seeking the experience of feeling those feelings. The soul is not releasing bad karma - it´s exploring those feelings to gain more experiences.

The journey of the soul is to go through the vast spectrum of feelings from Fear to Love. And that´s a lot. One lifetime to get through this spectrum is not nearly enough. It´s barely scratching the surface.

The ultimate "goal" is love, but to get to love the soul must first experience the opposite - fear (The Law of Polarity) so it is "working" its way through the spectrum of feelings in lifetime after lifetime.

Reincarnation and religions

Reincarnation is central in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhism teaches that every soul is reincarnated after death in another bodily form. And according to Hinduism, the soul (atman) is immortal, while the body is subject to birth and death. 

However, the two religions with the most followers in the world do not believe that individuals reincarnate. Christianity has 2.3 billion followers (32 % of the population) and Islam has 1.6 billion followers (23 % of the population).

The majority of people on Earth believe in a God, but most of these people don´t like the idea that we are supposed to depart from our bodies to transform into another shape, form and dimension just to come back and inhibit a new body on planet Earth once again.

It´s easier to entertain the idea that a heavenly paradise is waiting for us after we pass over. 

However, near-death experience accounts affirm that we do reincarnate after death. One of the most studied "near-deathers" in the world is Mellen-Thomas Benedict. 

Mellen-Thomas Benedict on Reincarnation

Mellen-Thomas Benedict had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1982. He is the most studied "Near-Deather" in the world and has devoted much of his time to scientific research after his NDE. 

About reincarnation he says this:

"Reincarnation is for real. It´s a natural process. It is inevitable to our evolution and we all do reincarnate.

He goes on to say:

"After dying, going through my near-death experience and coming back, I really respect life and death. In our DNA experiments we may have opened the door to a great secret. Soon we will be able to live as long as we want to live in this body.

After living 150 years or so, there will be an intuitive soul sense that you will want to change channels. Living forever in one body is not as creative as reincarnation, as transferring energy in this fantastic vortex of energy that we are in.

We are actually going to see the wisdom of life and death, and enjoy it. As it is now, we have already been alive forever." 

reincarnation stories

There are countless stories about people who claim to have lived before. They can describe where they lived, what they did and who they were.

Even at an early age some people are showing signs of having lived before. In the video below you´ll see a young boy named James Leininger. He was reliving the life of James Huston, a World War II fighter pilot who was killed in the battle for Iwo Jima more than 60 years before James was born!

Have we all lived before? Are we subject to reincarnation?

Dr.Michael Newton have done extensive research on the subject of re-incarnation for many years. He´s a certified Master Hypnotherapist, a member of the American Counseling Association and founder of The Newton Institute.

He is also written books on past life regression. With over 35 years of clinical research and practice, he´s one of few scientists using a scientific approach to discover and explain soul experiences. 

In his book Journey of Souls, published in 1994, he´s sharing his extensive research on the topic of re-incarnation and how souls agree to return to this planet to be reborn.

He began regressing his clients back in time to access their memories of former lives. In the process of this work he discovered something incredible - that it is possible to see into the spirit world through the mind's eye of patients who are in a hypnotized or superconscious state.

His clients were able to tell him what their soul was doing between lives on Earth or on other planets in the universe.

To Dr. Newton this was just incredible since he didn´t believe in life after death or in re-incarnation. All the subjects had the same story to tell about what happens when the body dies. They saw themselves floating out of the body and upward.

In one of the cases the client described the soul parting from the body being much like peeling a banana - where the banana skin is is the body being left behind.

All of Dr. Newtons clients described being met by their loved once as well as by their spiritual helper who is a soul which no longer reincarnates.

They all also talked about gaining full awareness (once again) and feeling the power of the One - of The Source.They were able to feel and sense everything. Every thought in the universe became part of them.They became One with All That Is - with the Source.

In his research Dr. Newton also discovered that birthmarks seemed to be related to a traumatic episode from a previous life. Some of the birthmarks on his patients were directly related to the cause of death in the previous life.

In one part of the book Dr.Newton refers to a patient who, under hypnosis, talks about being killed in the previous life by an arrow from an Indian - the arrow going into the neck.

When examining the patient after the regression-session Dr.Newton found a huge birthmark at exactly the same place as being indicated by the patient during the session. He goes on to mention more examples of how birthmarks might be signs from a traumatic episode in a previous life.

In the video below Jeffrey Keene talks about a life he lived before and how certain marks on his body might have been those he got from that previous life.

Some will argue that this is just coincidences and that there are no such thing as re-incarnation. However, Newtons research is exciting as are the many previous life stories from people like James Leininger  and Jeffrey Keene share with us.

Ian stevenson

Ian Pretyman Stevenson (1918-2007) was a Canadian-born U.S. psychiatrist who worked for the University of Virginia School of Medicine for 50 years. 

He was also the founder and Director of the University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies investigating parapsychological phenomena such as re-incarnation, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, altered states of consciousness and psi. 

He was one of the top researchers in the field of reincarnation and spent decades studying the cases of more than 3,000 children claiming to have reincarnated.

In his research he also discovered evidence suggesting that memories and physical injuries can be transferred from one lifetime to another. 

His work would also reach the mainstream thanks to a sceptical journalist.

The journalist was Tom Shroder, a Sunday Style editor of the Washington Post.

He was the first journalist to have the privilege of accompanying Dr. Stevenson in his fieldwork.

Tom Shroder followed Stevenson into the lives of children and families touched by the reincarnation phenomenon, changing from skeptic to believer as he came face-to-face with solid evidence he couldn´t dispute.

Based on his observations he wrote a book called Old Souls which was published in 2001. It´s a fascinating book with true stories of children who vividly can remember concrete details about dead strangers, their homes, families and much more.

In many cases, the subjects exhibited birthmarks corresponding to injuries or traumatic events in their past lives.