Body, Mind & Soul

You are more than your body.

You Are A SOUL.

What is your soul purpose?

You are a soul

A curiosity and urge to find answers to the mystery of life is the fist step to expand ones consciousness and awaken to ones purpose.

  • Are you curious? 
  • Do you want to know more about how this Universe really operates?
  • Have you ever thought about who you really are?
  • Have you ever considered that you are more than just a human body living on this planet?

You are more than you can see. You ARE a soul. The body is just your vessel. It´s your vehicle on planet earth.

We are all part of All That Is. The One Cosmic Mind. We are like individual points of consciousness belonging to the great sea of Universal Consciousness.

There is really only One Consciousness - the consciousness of God - and we individual parts of this One Consciousness.

Even though All is Mind you might say that the souls are the only real thing here. How? They are real because they are the I's of God. We are all the eyes - I´s - of God.

We are aspects of the One Great Soul, but while on Earth we don´t re-member this so we think we are the body, the person, the character we play out here.

You are not the person you are - not the “I”. 
- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

If you are still attached to your religion, your colour, or the country you were born in, then you still don't know who you are. 
- Prince Hanuman

individual points of consciousness

As souls we are here to express life - to create and experience life.

We are here to manifest the un-manifested infinite potential of The One Mind.

For this One Mind to make this happen it must create aspects of Itself. Souls or individual points of consciousness.

The sleeping prophet and psychic Edgar Cayce also spoke of the soul aspects and how they came into being.

Below is an excerpt from John Van Auken's book, Reincarnation: Born Again and Again, based on Cayce readings:

"According to the secret teachings, there came a point in this creation where the Creator's Consciousness desired to bring forth companions, creatures like unto Itself that would share in this expression of life.

In order for the creatures to be more than creations, they had to possess individual consciousness and freedom so that they could choose to be companions. Otherwise, they would only have been servants of the Original Consciousness.

So within the One Universal Consciousness many individual points of consciousness were awakened and given freedom". 

As soul we possess individual consciousness so we may interact and experience, teacher and pupil scenarios, entertainer and audience etc. We lack so that we may be given, which is interaction, an experience of consciousness playing with itself. 

We all come here to play out our part. To create ourselves anew on our journey back to the One - back to Love. That ´s the goal, if there is a goal - the goal of facilitating consciousness.

So you are much more than your body. It´s just the energy-vehicle being used to gain experiences on behalf of The One Mind. 

Dr. Eben Alexander

Dr. Eben Alexander, renowned neurosurgeon

However, most people believe they are their bodies and think the mind is the brain, but a vast body of research into near-death experiences show that consciousness can exist without a functioning brain.

Dr. Eben Alexander, a renowned academic neurosurgeon, experienced this first hand.

As a prominent scientist he said he could explain Near-Death Experiences (NDE) as functions of the brain, but that was before his own NDE.

He spent 54 years honing his scientific worldview.

He thought he knew how the brain and mind worked. But then a transcendental Near-Death Experience, in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma from an inexplicable brain infection, changed all of that – completely!

He was shocked to find the hyper-reality of that spiritual realm, which many had reported in NDEs. He has since spent years years reconciling his rich spiritual experience with contemporary physics and cosmology.

His spiritual experience is totally consistent with the leading edges of scientific understanding today.

soul contracts

Bryan de FloresSpiritual teacher and artist Bryan de Flores

In 2012 I was invited to speak at different spiritual conferences in California and Arizona about my book The Shift in Consciousness. 

I was invited by spiritual teacher and artist Bryan de Flores. December 4th, 1996 he experienced a dramatic shift in consciousness which resulted in a complete change in lifestyle, work and location.

After this shift he found himself gifted with the unusual ability to create highly complex works of art in just minutes.

His images are designed to trigger a reconfiguration of our consciousness and awaken our divine blueprint. He has also created what he calls "Energy packages" and one of them is titled The Masterworks - Explorations in Spiritual Magic. Here he talks about soul contracts.

Before you arrived on Earth in this lifetime, you, as a soul, with assistance from your Guardian Angel and the “Hall of Records” Council, created a chart and contract for this lifetime.

This chart was configured very meticulously; taking into consideration everything that you wanted to do, as well as planning the timed insertion of all of your skills and talents from previous incarnations.

All family members and nearly all friends and brief acquaintances were very specifically chosen by you in order to maximize your experience here on Earth.

And although your chart unfolds in ‘“set-in-stone” fashion, it does accommodate lateral movement and spontaneity within each experience.

For example, you will determine how easy or difficult and how long or short a given experience may be; depending upon the choices you make and how you handle all facets of each situation.

Consequently, it is important to understand that all of this preplanning was designed to assist you to manifest your highest potential as the human and spiritual being here on Earth. 

Your body is your energy vehicle

More and more scientists are realizing that the Universe is intelligent and that consciousness is saturating everything. We live in a thinking, vibrating Universe and our bodies are our energy vehicles we use to gain experiences in this space-time construct we call our reality. 

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